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        歡迎來到浙江喜來登電梯有限公司 全國服務熱線:400-8266-078

        The company culture

        Zhejiang sheraton elevator co., LTD. On the basis of respect for the people, to create rich value as the goal to become the world people to contribute to the life and culture of the enterprise group


        1、Respect people ??

        Zhejiang sheraton through sound business activities,

        Respect for customers, shareholders, employees, and all the people.

        2、Create rich value

        Zhejiang sheraton in electronic and energy as the center,

        To carry out technological innovation, create the value of the rich.

        3、Make contribution to society

        Zhejiang sheraton efforts to create a better the earth’s environment and as a good corporate citizens contribute to the development of the society.

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