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        Reduce the power consumption and prolong life

        Five properties


        Comfortable travel

        It has the smooth speed regulation, extremely high reliability?and stability. It owns various safe, practical and convenient?functions.



        It saves above 45% of power than that of the ordinary?elevators. The effective and low-noise drive host reduces the?power capacity and saves the users’ investment as well.


        Reliable running

        The system ensures the high reliability through connecting?several micro-processors by serial transmission lines. It is?allocated with diagnostic programs between various
        micro-processors. What is more, its back-up system enhances?the systematic reliability and the passengers’ safety.

        Effective travel

        Micro-processors are wide-spreading in the lift structure?through data network system of SHERATON passenger elevator?series so as to fulfill the more effective control to the whole?system. Special design of every micro-processor has?reasoning ability to greatly expand the elevator interface.


        Flexible configuration

        The disperse allocation of data network processor brings?about the more simplified system function and operation.?Therefore it meets the continuous requirements from the
        buildings and users at any time.

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