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        product overview


        ? ? ?world contains a big state

        On the basis of your original household, SHERATON home elevator uses
        “deconstruction and reconstruction” methods. It chooses the superior
        materials, saves both power and energy and penetrates the gracefully and
        individually aristocratic design to the car decoration. SHERATON home elevator
        perfectly merges with the construction. It becomes a fine, special, unique and
        exquisite “electrical appliance” at your house.

        Four advantages of the human design

        Environmental protection and energy-saving::It uses 220V or 380V voltage. Its power consumption is equal to that of a refrigerator

        The product features:No construction well, it is attractive and

        The applicable occasions:Different styles and structures of
        the villas.

        Style outline:It suits all kinds of the decoration styles.

        The multiple door opening modes offer
        different grades of high-quality life.

        Varies of kinds door open direction provide for you, you?can choose any one of them as per your needs and your?building requirement.

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