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        ? ? ?design is richly endowed by nature

        SHERATON machine room-less freight elevator is mainly applicable for up/down goods transport in various working?conditions such as the warehouse, garage, workshop etc. It especially suits low-rise constructions. SHERATON machine?room一less freight elevator applies the superior steel plates with the consummate workmanship and large loading capacity. It?has the advantages such as safe and smooth elevation, simple and convenient installation and maintenance etc. It is also?practical and economical. It has a wide adaption. It is your ideal equipment for goods transport.

        The advanced and well-developed
        control technology is a reliable
        guarantee of the safe running.

        1 .Firm and durable: It applies high strength materials to produce the
        elevator cars. Therefore you can be rest assured in loading and
        transporting various goods.
        2. Leveling accuracy with mm-level range
        3. Multi-folded car structure reaches maximum door opening width. It is
        convenient for large-bulk goods to enter into/exit from the elevator cars.
        4. Light-curtain protection screen is of the sensitive detection. It effectively
        protects the safety of both the passengers and the goods.
        5. AC double-speed power dragging technology brings about the simpler
        elevator structure, the more convenient repair&maintenance.
        6. VWF voltage regulation and speed governor technology is of the
        constant torque, accurate leveling, sound energy-saving and environ一
        mental protection.

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