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        歡迎來到浙江喜來登電梯有限公司 全國服務熱線:400-8266-078


        Product overview


        ? ? ?is centered by the human beings and esteems the material world

        In service elevator field, “bringing about great convenience for vast users, the vigorous energy-saving and?environmental一protection” is the objective which has been persistently pursued by SHERATON Elevator. The company?uses the application of VVVF drive and the setting of over-load control alarm system. It shows the practical products and?the sound energy-saving and environmental protection technology concept in every detail.
        1 .VVVF drive, energy-saving and environmental protection, high efficiency and power-saving
        2. The perfect quality guarantee brings about the more secure goods.

        Standard Configuration

        The control system can choose PLC control, micro-computer control,?fully closed一loop VVVF control.

        Dumbwaiter elevator special一purpose traction machine.

        It adopts the main guide-rail of dumbwaiter elevator special-purpose T type guide-rail.

        The steel hoist-way door slide with the precision machining.

        Dumbwaiter elevator hoistway mechanical lock.

        It adopts the hairline stainless steel for the car, hoistway, jamb, call panel.

        The call outside the car is allocated with the floor display, door open/shut condi一
        tion indication, arrival buzzer prompt.

        The integrated frame structure of 50-250kg dumbwaiter elevator needs no
        independent machine room. It is always OK with or without the well.
        300-500kg dumbwaiter elevator requires a well and is allocated with the catch
        block, speed governor. The elevator structure adopts the pre-embedded
        support type structure to reinforce the safety intensity of the elevator running.

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