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        Product overview


        ? ? ?& imposing manner conquer the dreams

        We specially design the more secure and flexible properties for SHERATON automobile elevator through elaborately researchi?into special requirements in the car space and performance sectors. Meanwhile it is more convenient for the drivers’operation.?a high and new technology of SHERATON Elevator, the application of its powerful functions has been widely popularized.?The advantageous properties of smooth noise-reducing and safety system configuration result in the more humane SHERATON?design. It further increases the running efficiency as well. It becomes a masterpiece of the contemporary high&new tech and?aesthetics design. It shows the noble dignity of your beloved cars.

        Feature of the automobile elevator

        1 .Firm structure, smooth running
        2. Micro-computer control technology brings about the
        convenient operation and comfortable travel.
        3. The diverse door opening design brings about a more reliable
        safety protection device.
        4. The diverse running speed and specification match with
        over-load testing functions.
        5. Large loading capacity suits various car models.
        6. The car sets operation button box, therefore the drivers need
        not have to step out of the car for operations.
        7. Circuit control and display system is convenient for both
        internal and external car operations.
        8. Safety guide device in the car ensures the fine security of both
        the cars and the elevators.
        9. The elevator cars with front/rear door opening are convenient
        for the cars to enter into/exit from the elevator cars.

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