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        Talent concept


        Efforts to build new talent highland, and continuously improve employees’ comprehensive quality, cultivate a high-quality, highly skilled staff, creating a group of outstanding talents in the new century is sheraton elevator co., LTD., zhejiang province talent development strategy. In order to adapt to the rapid development of the enterprise and the increasingly fierce market competition, the company leadership has always been committed to the ideology of the staff training, technical skills, cultural quality, create a high-quality staff team, continuously promote the development of zhejiang sheraton. Zhejiang sheraton with solid strength, advanced technology, innovative ideas, efficient and pragmatic working atmosphere and good development prospects attract many outstanding young talent to come to “join”. High-quality staff, is the wealth of the enterprise development. Over the years, the company attaches great importance to staff team construction, organizes various types of employee training and continuing education, to improve the staff’s ideological and political quality, professional quality, cultural quality, build a science, the good atmosphere of learning knowledge and learning skills. Zhejiang sheraton in attracting and training talents at the same time pay more attention to use and retain talent. Companies with a special focus on cultivation of young talents and use, so that a large number of young talents to stand out, become the backbone of the company growing strength.

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