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        歡迎來到浙江喜來登電梯有限公司 全國服務熱線:400-8266-078

        Company profile

        ? ? ?? Zhejiang SHERATON Elevator Co., Ltd. is a professional elevator manufacturer that has obtained state-level special equipments?manufacture, installation, transformation, repair and maintenance qualifications. The company is located in Wenzhou city of Zhejiang province?with the transport facilities and the prosperous economy along the Changjiang River Delta Region.
        The company introduces the first-class manufacture equipments in the world. It focuses upon research, development, manufacture,repair and maintenance services in the global elevator industry. It establishes the perfect product system. The products cover over tenvarieties such as passenger elevator, goods elevator, escalator, auto-walk etc. The annual productive capacity reaches to above 5,000 sets.
        SHERATON owns the stable customer groups and long-term partners in various fields. It is a distinguished figure among vast elevatoroperators in the Chinese elevator industry. We regard “thoroughly increasing the living quality of the mankind” as the bounden duty andset up the perfect and systematic after-sale service systems. We strive to build up a famous brand with extensive brand effects and offer thegreener; the more reasonable and comfortable vertical spaces for the mankind!

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